The Mini Laser Engraver

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  • Get your hands on the Ultimate Mini Laser Engraver! Made from a high quality metal frame that weighs less than 4 pounds - you can easily take it with you from home to the workshop.
  • Features a 1000mW laser head operating at 6500 rotational speed and light automatic positioning, allowing it to engrave 10x faster than traditional lasers.
  • High resolution printing of up to 512x512 pixels.
  • Offline operation capacity: supports operating without computer, only need to prestore a picture and connect the two usb ports to charger or power bank(not included); one button to operate.
  • Professional power IC and radiator. Longer lasting carving time and superior carving performance compared to most other lasers.
  • Easy to follow instructions 
Can carve: wood, plastic paper, bamboo, horns, leather, rubber chapter, printing paper, sponge paper and other light materials
Cannot carve: metal, stone, ceramics, jewelrey, jade, reflective materials, transparent glass, ivory, colorless transparent material, white plastic, very smooth plastic.
Package List:
  • 1 Engraving Laser Machine
  • 1 Protective Glasses
  • 2 USB Cables
  • 1 Wrench
  • 1 1GB TF Card (User Manual and Install Software included)
  • 1 User Manual (English)
  • Material: Acrylic + Aluminum + Stainless Steel
  • Main Color: Black
  • Laser Power: 1000mW
  • Laser Wave Length: 405nm
  • Image Format: jpg
  • Image Size: 512 * 512 pixels
  • Image Engraving Pattern: Bitmap Engraving
  • Support System: Win7 / Win8 / XP / Win10
  • Supply Voltage: 4.2-5.5V
  • Supply Current: 1A
  • Work Area: 38 * 38mm
  • Item Size: 16 * 14.5 * 19cm / 6.30 * 5.71 * 7.48in
  • Item Weight: 976g / 34.43oz
  • Package Size: 30 * 20.5 * 21cm / 11.81 * 8.07 * 8.27in
  • Package Weight: 1360g / 47.97oz

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  • material
  • Velcro
  • Patches
  • China
  • machine
  • engraving platform
  • grid

Great little engraver for what I want to do-- So far, and a great price,,

I am using this to engrave Tactical Velcro Patches. So far so go---- The machine took about two weeks to get here from China, They could put a 1.4 inch grid on the engraving platform,, would be nice when setting up material. But I made one and set in up. So far so good--

John verified customer review of The Mini Laser Engraver

Great little laser for wood, at a very reasonable price tag.

I've been using my Neje 1000mW laser engraver for a few weeks npw. It has been absolutely sterling. No problems at all. I use it primarily to monogram custom wooden pens, but also have used it to make leather bookmarks, wooden tags, etc. It has its limitations because it is very low power...only one it will not burn plastics or metal, but it does a very great job on wood, cardboard, leather, etc. I have even used it to cut veneer. It can't burn on anything taller than an inch, and it's maximum burn size is about 1 1/4" square. Given those limitations, it does an excellent job at what it CAN do, producing clean, clear engravings. It's software is super simple to use, and you can import any black and white jpg file into the software and burn it on to wood. You just create your graphic, or use clip art. Drag and drop it into the Neje software and you are all set. The unit is powered off the usb port on a computer, so there is no power supply. (I run mine off an old XP laptop!) You have to focus the laser each time you change the distance between the laser and the work, but it is easy to focus...just turn the knurled ring on the laser until you get the smallest possible light on the work. It will "preview" the burning area by drawing a rectangle around the area that will be burned so you can position your object in exactly the right place before burning. I recommend taping a piece of graph paper on the bed so that you can make sure your item is straight and square before burning. You will want to use a little desk fan or something similar to blow the smoke away while it is burning to get the clearest possible image. I use a little six inch desk fan and it works fine. You don't want to look at the laser while it is burning because it can damage your retina, but the software shows the progress of the burn by changing color on the computer screen as it burns. You can also pause the burn at any point and examine the work, then resume the burn. If it isn't quite dark enough, just click on "recarve" to go over the pattern again. You can increase or decrease the burn time to adjust the darkness and depth of the burn.I just bought another one for my 11 and 15 year old grandsons for Christmas.



Makes my product look great! Also, you can't beat the price!