STA Acrylic Paint Pen Set


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  • STA Acrylic Paint Pens pack a powerful color punch! 
  • Loaded with a vibrant opaque color made from professional grade acrylic water based paint.
  • Each Pen is equipped with pump action 2mm round tips that are accurate and easy to control; perfect for painting semi-bold medium-weight lines and larger details. Every tip is crafted from a durable and hard synthetic fibre. 
  • Can be used on almost any surface, material, or medium. Create stunning masterpieces on paper, enamel, canvas, wood, porcelain, stone, glass, metal, plastic and fabric. 
  • 142mm x 13mm
  • Available in 12 or 24 sets, or individually here. 
  • Non Toxic.  


  1. Shake pen several times
  2. Press the tip down on surface and hold down until ink flows. 
  3. Recap Pen after use.