5 Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighters

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Featuring softly-colored ink, the Japanese imported Zebra Mildliner is perfect for the times when you want to highlight something without overwhelming everything else on the page.

It features water-based ink and a convenient double-sided design—a standard chisel tip on one end for regular highlighting and a fine bullet tip on the other for underlining, circling, and writing notes.

  • Minimal bleeding through paper
  • Dual-tipped
  • For organizers, students, scrapbookers, creators, and everyone inbetween.
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Color specifications for each set:

  • Fluorescent Color Set contains:
    • Mild Pink
    • Mild Orange
    • Mild Yellow
    • Mild Blue Green
    • Mild Blue
  • Deep Color Set contains:
    • Mild Magenta
    • Mild Vermilion
    • Mild Gold
    • Mild Smoke Blue
    • Mild Brown
  • Light Color Set contains:
    • Mild Green
    • Mild Dark Blue
    • Mild Gray
    • Mild Violet
    • Mild Red

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