Kami no m-f Ground Notebook


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Kami no Mille-feuille is a new, premium paper concept from Japan. Using layered paper like Napoleon cake gives Kami-no mf products a unique look and feel, adding prestige to your every day life.  

Concept: Ground

- A notebook that flexes and evolves with your thoughts - 

Ground is a notepad like you've never seen before. Grooving on the cover allows  you to fold it back and flip to specific notes quickly, or flip the entire notebook out completely without any stress. 

With 528 pages on 0.5mm thickness paper, you have plenty of room to spill your thoughts, which will stay refreshed as the paper switches color every 16 pages. 

Size: 150mm × 105mm × 24mm / 5.9" x 4.1" x 0.9"

Weight: 260g

Made in Japan.

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